Friday, March 15, 2013

Mirror Mysteries - Frozen World

Fantasy game art from Mirror Mysteries.

Azkend - Scenery

The match-3 games and hidden object games in Azkend simulates the tasks and events on a journey through a Himalayas-inspired fantasy world. The fantasy artwork is of beautiful vistas, though typically concealed by the menus and game board.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mirror Mysteries - Dwarven World

Fantasy game art from Mirror Mysteries.

Atlantica Online - Characters

This page contains slideshows of the playable characters, the mercenaries that can be hired, and some screenshots from character creation showing some of the hero customization possibilities. Like many roleplaying games, Atlantica Online has a system of combat-related careers and career advancement options for the playable hero characters. The playable characters in Atlantica resemble those in another NDoors free-to-play online fantasy game, WonderKing. Combined with its cartoony style of game art and gameplay, it's like Atlantica Online for kids.