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Dragon Age Origins - Epilogue

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Fantasy game art from Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (Dragon Age: Origins, the Awakening expansion, and all official Downloadable Content).

SPOILER WARNING - This post features a movie of one possible ending, and screenshots from the epilogue / aftermath slides.

Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters - Parables

Fantasy game art from Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters.
These "parables" are short background stories made available for reading (or listening to the narration) by finding special item pieces during the game.

Dungeon Siege II and the Broken World Expansion - Pets

Fantasy game art from Dungeon Siege II.

Instead of travelling with companions who didn't have very much to say (and what they did have to say was sometimes juvenile or inane), your hero could instead have a pet with an interesting power. Pets start young (small) and matured (got bigger) when you fed them assorted items. As pets matured, they typically gained special abilities and improving in basic attributes such as strength or armour depending on what they were fed.


  • Dark Naiad: These spirits of the night look scary sometimes, but their ability to heal their companions is unmatched. They can call upon the power of the stars to return multiple allies to life at once, and they use the cold of night to strike at their foes.
  • The Dire Wolf is the epitome of strength and power. They are ruthless fighters, attacking with deadly claws and their vicious bite. They exude an aura of power as they reach maturity, making them popular pets with barbarians and other warriors. They also work for kibble.
  • Fire Elememtal: These playful flame spirits normally appear as roiling masses of fire. They animate pieces of armor to give themselves some structure and because they think it looks cool. They take great joy in chaos and fire, which makes them a perfect fit for adventuring. Their flaming attacks can immolate multiple enemies at once.
  • Ice Elementals are vaguely humanoid clouds of ice shards from a mysterious frozen world. The magic that holds Ice Elementals together is a mystery, but their command over cold and ice is undeniably useful. They bless those who earn their loyalty with protection from ice, and freeze their enemies solid.
  • Kohl Beasts are wily, bird-like creatures. Morden warriors in Valdis' army used them as war beasts because of their extreme speed and strength. They seem to be made for battle. They can be fitted with metal armor and throw themselves into any battle with gusto. When they are grown, they can unleash a vicious flurry of attacks. Kohl Beasts are available in Broken World.
  • Lap Dragons are beneficial sprites that take it upon themselves to protect and empower their companions. They have a variety of enhancing spells, and as they grow, their very presence becomes inspiring. Don't let their small size fool you -- their lungs grow quickly, and they become capable of breathing deadly fireballs as they near maturity.
  • Light Naiad: Whispers heard in the dank and smelly corners of Aranna's pet shops tell of a more powerful variant to the Dark Naiad pet. Rumors say this creature has light skin and abilities that are far beyond her dark cousin. It is also believed that in order to gain access to this enchanted creature, one must overcome several grueling challenges.
  • Mythrilhorns have a nearly impervious shell that only gets harder as they grow. They almost seem to enjoy taking a beating -- as if they're challenging themselves to push the limits of what they can endure. Though their attacks are not as deadly as other pets', they are extremely painful, making monsters want to turn on and attack the Mythrilhorn, which suits them just fine.
  • The Necrolithid is a cruel creature that enjoys inflicting pain on its enemies. Their debilitating curses inflict terrible sicknesses on monsters, which Necrolithids find extremely amusing. Many adventurers wonder if such an inherently nasty imp will stay loyal to them in dangerous times, but those who have traveled with Necrolithids know that the creatures are extremely loyal to adventurers that bring them a steady supply of victims.
  • The Pack Mule is a faithful companion that will stay by your side through the most dangerous of situations, tirelessly carrying your treasure and supplies. Pack Mules can carry more treasure as they grow, and are very friendly beasts of burden. They're ornery when threatened, lashing out with their front and rear hooves.
  • The Pack Ram is a hardy pet, capable of carrying more treasure than most, but still a formidable combatant. Dwarves have great respect for rams because of their durability and strength -- qualities Dwarves aspire to as well. Dwarves frequently use ram symbols and art as decoration on their armor and architecture. Kohl Beasts are available in Broken World.
  • Scorpions have always been the favorite companions of Nature Mages because of their speed and durability. Thus, Queen Scorpions are natural companions, and their regal presence is appreciated in any party. They can fire their deadly sting from very long range. However, their otherworldly nature is readily apparent, as they quickly develop abilities no natural Scorpion has.

Pet Powers

  • Dark/Light Naiad Arboreal Rejuvenation: Channeling healing power beyond the ability of even the greatest Nature Mages, the Naiad calls on the spirits of the wild to heal and resurrect all allies around her.
  • Dire Wolf Furious Howl: Dire Wolves possess abilities beyond the ken of normal wolves, and the greatest is the ability to release a tremendous howl that has the power to push away and tear apart enemies with its sonic force.
  • Fire Elememtal Inferno: Fire Elementals are feared for their ability to direct some of their fiery essence into a blazing cone that burns enemies as long as they are caught inside it.
  • Ice Elemental Frost Aura: Ice Elementals are feared for their ability to direct some of their freezing essence into waves of cold that damage and briefly freeze any enemies who draw near.
  • Kohl Beast Flurry: Fathers scare their children with tales of enraged Kohl Beasts shredding their victims. Those tales are hardly fiction.
  • Lap Dragon Draconic Inspiration: Despite their small size, Lap Dragons are able to draw upon the ancient powers of dragons to magically inspire morale and temporarily increase the potency of nearby allies' special attacks.
  • Mythrilhorn Enrage: The strongest Mythrilhorns have evolved the ability to stir an enemy's blood so they cannot resist attacking it. This allows the Mythrilhorn to distract attention from weaker members of the herd.
  • Necrolithid Decompose: When the Necrolithid activates this ability, it exudes noxious gasses that infect any creatures that draw near. When infected enemies die, the gasses break down their bodies and heal all party members.
  • Pack Mule Staggering Kick: A cornered Pack Mule is deadly prey, and when it activates this ability, its next attack will be a Staggering Kick. It slams its hooves into its next target, creating a shockwave that stuns any enemies caught within.
  • Pack Ram Earthquake By repeatedly slamming its hooves into the ground, the Ram forces the ground beneath it to shudder and shake, stunning and dealing damage to enemies within range of its wrath.
  • Scorpion Queen Explosive Sting: A properly trained Scorpion Queen can unleash an attack no other scorpion is capable of: A special sting that shakes the earth and damages nearby enemies.

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Dragon Age Origins - Official Wallpapers

Get Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition DRM-free and with no-risk Money Back Guarantee from Good Old Games.

Fantasy game art from Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (Dragon Age: Origins, the Awakening expansion, and all official Downloadable Content).

Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Fantasy game art from "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", a bonus adventure in Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Collector's Edition.

Dungeon Siege II - Magical Item FX

Fantasy game art from Dungeon Siege II showing in some of the more interesting or spectacular magical item effects.

The game had a lot of eye candy in FX, and tried to provide some visual cue for every ability that activated. Many of these are based on spells; we have focussed on those not available as spells in the slideshow below.