Friday, January 23, 2015

Perfect World - Class - Psychic

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

tideborn psychic
The majority of magic in Perfect World is governed by the five elements. Psychics manipulate and guide the most primitive power, one that is not bound by any element, the power of souls.
Psychics wear magical robes, and use soul spheres as their weapons. It is said that soul spheres are formed by absorbing energy from defeated spirits.
The Psychic is a mysterious and powerful addition to Perfect World International. Their abilities can change the way your group functions, as well as open up a whole new dynamic to PvP.
Soul Force

"Soul Force" is a spell developed by Thane. It can imbue the caster's soul force into the teammates or the caster self, and guide the great energy of their souls to retaliate upon being hit. No matter how much damage you have received, your enemy will feel the crazy counter attack of the soul force. When cast to teammates, soul force can silence the enemy or directly deal damage back to the enemy. When cast on oneself, this spell can stun the enemy, or reflect an enemy's skill back at them. Cooperating with a high-defense fighter, the combination will be invulnerable!

Chain of Souls

"Chain of Souls" originally is a suicidal spell. Thane and some elders had improved it to become a powerful skill of Tideborns. During the effect of this spell, all recovery means will be weakened. No matter it is a red potion, a healing spell or a HP charm, their effect will be greatly reduced.
tideborn psychic small picture 1 tideborn psychic small picture 2

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Second Life - Ginny Scarmon

Second Life photography by Ginny Scarmon.

Perfect World - Class - Cleric / Mystic / Yu Ling

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

class - Cleric
Mystics are always in demand when it comes to forming a party in Perfect World. Their abilities are not exactly made for attacking. Although a little bit of build experimenting may provide a boost to their damage potential, but their skills would still never be on par with the heavier hitters. However, Mystics are regarded to be one of the more useful character classes as no dungeon raid, territorial war, or PK war would ever survive for long without this class.
Armed with Mystical weapons such as magic swords, short staves, staves, and wheels, Mystics have the power to invoke the powerful skills based on lightning. They can even call upon the heavens to heal, buff, or even resurrect an ally. Most of the Mystics wear Magic Robes to protect themselves, making them incredibly strong against magical based attacks but highly susceptible to physical damage. They also have the feather barrier skill which enables them to be protected from Physical attacks at the cost of mana. Mystics suffer have a low health points which can be compensated by using better equipment.
Against Monsters

Mystics are incredibly strong against wood monsters because most of their attacks are metal based. They can easily kill most any monster because of their ability to restore their health. Mystics can also cast spells and use skills very quickly.

Player versus Player

A Mystic can also be proficient in PvP because they have several disabling skills and debuffs. However due to the nature of their armor, a small mistake could prove to be fatal. For a Mystic to be able to kill someone, they should kill the enemy as fast as possible. The Mystic shines greatest when they provide support for their allies in PvP's.

Territorial Wars

Mystics are severely needed in the battle field because of the sole reason that only they can keep their comrades alive. In some clans, one or two Mystics stay in the base as buffers. Mystic buffs will surely increase the chances of survival in the battle field.
Cleric yu ling the mystic


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second Life - Cougar Sangria

Second Life photography by Cougar Sangria.

Perfect World - Class - Blademaster / Weapon Master / Wu Xia

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

class - BladeMaster
Though considered a jack of all trades when it comes to dishing out melee damage, Weapon Masters still have skills that allow them to reach or run away from enemy targets easily. Weapon Masters can wield Simple Swords, Dual Swords, Axes, Hammers, Fists, Claws, and Spears. Each of these weapons also has their own set of Skill trees and each of these skill paths each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Each Weapon Master has a variety of weapons at their disposal, a fairly balanced build, and amazing skill animation.
Against Monsters

Different weapons have different advantages. Dual Sword wielders and Axe/Hammer wielders usually have an advantage against all monsters. Both weapons have their fair share of damage that can easily kill enemies. Axe/Hammer wielders often use Area of Effect skills to gather monsters. Make sure though that they're monsters who use physical attacks--otherwise you'll be burnt, electrocuted, poisoned, drowned or maybe even frozen...

Player versus Player

In the PvP environment, Weapon Masters can also be seen running rampant (especially Axe/Hammer types since they pack quite a wallop). Magic users are an easy target granting that you get them first before they release a spell, otherwise, you'll die very quickly. A Weapon Master can also cream an Archer--if he can hit one.

Territorial Wars

In Territorial Wars, Weapon Masters have many roles to play. They are extremely useful in disabling huge crowds of warriors because of their area effect stun skill. Weapon Masters also act as protectors for the magic types and the long ranged attackers. Last, but not the least, they serve as the main force of the clan, constantly disabling and killing all those magic attackers to aid in the advance of their force. Several clans even deploy Weapon Masters as some sort of suicide stunners so that the long range attackers can pick them off one by one.
Blademaster wu xia the weapon master


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Perfect World - Class - Barbarian / Beast Warrior / Yao Shou

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

Regarded as the "tank" class, the Beast Warrior has incredibly staying power. They are needed as a tank rather than a damager. Beast Warrior's weapons of choice are axes and hammers. These weapons have a high maximum attack but are also slow when it comes to their attack rate. Beast Warrior skills are also dependent on these weapons. One fantastic thing about the Beast Warrior is that each can transform into a White Tiger which will further increase its health and movement speed at the cost of decreased attack power.
Due to being strength as one of their primary stats, Beast Warriors wear Heavy Armor, which is extremely strong against Physical damage but extremely weak to magical types of attack.
Against Monsters

A Beast Warrior can easily take on any kind of monster. However, because of its lack of magical defense, Magic capable monsters can prove to be challenging feat especially poison type monsters that can stack their damage to a great amount when not given proper attention.

Player versus Player

This character class has the highest survivability rate compared to all of the other classes. With their standard build of high hit points, any class that will try to kill this character class will surely have a hard time especially when he is equipped with amulets and in Tiger form.

Territorial Wars

Beast Warrior's are needed in territorial wars due to the fact that they are the ideal catapult carriers. Catapults deal massive damage to enemy structures and are necessary in order to win. If a catapult carrier is paired with a Mystic, the Beast Warrior will be almost invincible! They can also be attackers and can deal massive damage to spell casters and can even kill them in one hit by their Armageddon skill.
Barbarian yao shou the beast warrior


Monday, January 19, 2015

Perfect World - Class - Assassin

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

tideborn assassin
The assassin class was born from war. An ancient conflict between the Tideborn and Nightspikes spawned this new breed of soldier, one that thrived on stealth and deception.
Primarily focusing on close quarter, physical damage, this breed of Tideborn wears light armor, and is more agile than Blademasters and Barbarians. Masters of daggers, their attacks are quick and efficient. Being scholars of anatomy, these soldiers always aim for vital points.
Assassins are a unique and visceral addition to Perfect World International. They have a strong skill set in terms of solo adventuring, as well as desirable group abilities that any party would readily seek.
Shadow Shroud

Inhabitants of the deep dark ocean, these combatants have mastered the ability to conceal themselves within the shadows. While using "Shadow Shroud", few opponents can spot them. Apprentices of the Assassin class can only use this skill when not directly participating in combat. High grade Assassins have learned how to use this ability while in combat, providing them with an effective means of escape.

Blood Bath

Few versus many has been a common theme in the history books of the Assassin's guild. Throughout time, these warriors have been faced with overwhelming odds. As a result, the Tideborn Assassins have developed an ability known as "Blood Bath". This ability grants an aura to the Assassin and any party members in their vicinity. The Blood Bath buff takes a portion of damage dealt, and channels that life back into the one who inflicted the pain.
tideborn assassin small picture 1 tideborn assassin small picture 2