Friday, February 6, 2015

Perfect World - Official Wallpapers

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Perfect World - Races - Winged Elf / WingKind

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

race - Winged Elf

Blessed with the ability to fly, these people are believed to be descendants from the gods themselves. They were born with ear feathers, which allow them to summon wings and soar to the skies. The Wingkind have been blessed with two major skills: They have eyes as sharp as a hawk's, and mastery over the metal element. As descendants of gods, some of them even have the ability to aid their allies in battle. And so we introduce to you, the Yu Mang (Archer) and the Yu Ling (Mystic).

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Perfect World - Races - The Untamed / BeastKind

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

race - Untamed

Believed to be descended from Demons, Beastkind resemble humans but have the ability to transform into animals, thereby extending their capabilities far beyond that of the average human.
The Male Beastkind is called Yao Shou, and have great strength and fortitude. They also have the ability to transform into ferocious white tigers.
The females of the Beastkind are called the Yao Jings, and can tame and summon monsters to aid them. Yao Jings have the ability to transform into foxes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Perfect World - Races - Tideborn

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

A new evil has dawned, and as a result, the secrets once concealed by the ocean are now coming to light. The ancient lord of the oceans has risen once again, and the race known as Tideborn faces complete extinction. Will you journey to these lands and explore them as a foreigner, or will you be reborn as a member of the Tideborn, and fight to restore your ancestors' once great empire? What part will you play as the tide rises?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Perfect World - Races - Human

Fantasy game art from Perfect World.

race - Human

Humans are the inheritors of the Perfect World. They were created by the Celestial Monarch and the Ten Veiled King themselves. They have multiplied and cultivated the Perfect Land to what it is today. Like all the other races, there are two classes for Humans: The Weapon Master (Wu Xia) and the Fa Shih (Mage).