Friday, September 5, 2014

Samantha Swift and The Fountains of Fate - Part 5 - Kachina Rain Water

Fantasy game art from Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate.

Unlike the other magical waters Samantha quests for in this game, the Kachina Rain Water is not from a static source or fountain, but precipitation summoned in a rain-making ceremony.

KDXY - Concept Art - Characters

Fantasy game art from KDXY, the Chinese version of Ether Saga Online.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mod - Universitas Arcanarum

Fantasy game art from Universitas Arcanarum, a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Samantha Swift and The Fountains of Fate - Part 4 - Water of Life

Fantasy game art from Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate.

For the Water of Life, Samantha travels to the mythical King Solomon's Mines.

KDXY - Classes / Careers

Fantasy game art from KDXY, the Chinese version of Ether Saga Online.

Dragoon - the Spear of Absolute Power
The Dragoons are valiant warriors. They wield spears and are considered kings of combat. Taking Jenas Wun, who was the most famous spear user of antiquity, as their patron saint and guardian, Dragoons will crush any enemy without mercy. Courage, tactics, and strength are the marks of these suppressors of evil.

Origin: Warriors of Heaven

Guardian: Jenas Wun, The Longspear

Worship: Heaven

Features: Strong bodies and excellent defenses make Dragoons the top protective team members. Dragoons' high Strength also provides them with great advantages over their enemies. It is a good Class for new players to start with. To make a Dragoon both lethal to enemies and protective of friends you can focus on improving its Erda Affinity as well as Health, Defense and Elemental resistance.
Rogue - the Stalker of Misty Shadow
Rogues hide themselves in darkness, lurking and waiting for the best time to strike with their lethal daggers. This class originated from the ancient Yaoh masters who survived and fought in stealth against the tyrants. Rogues are,natural born,stealthy killers. They seldom strike directly and seldom miss their target. They cherish the ancient renegade Pol Kuna, who fought his way alone into Heaven. Kuna was eventually beheaded, but his will and determination inspire all who call themselves Rogues.

Origin: Yaoh Masters

Guardian: Pol Kuna, The Defiler

Worship: Sky

Features: The Rogue is a powerful melee combat Class. Combined with their speed, stealth, and other skills, their common attacks and skill attacks are the most varied. A skillfully controlled Rogue will be the nightmare of its foes. A deft Rogue will focus improvements on Oora Affinity, Strength, Intellect and Resilience.
Mystic - The Bringer of Life and Death
If one's life and death is determined by their fate, the Mystic would be the one to alter that fate. They can return the breath of life to those fallen in battle at will. Mystics provide the support that every fighting party expects. However, Mystics are also capable of bringing death to foes if necessary. Most of a Mystic's skills are blessed by The Apothecarist, who is the merciful healer of all living beings of the world. A Mystic's compassionate heart agrees with the teachings of Rulai, the Pious.

Origin: Buddhism

Guardian: Rulai, The Pious

Worship: Buddhism

Features: The Mystic's healing, reviving, and blessing skills make them an ideal support Class. Mystics specialize in Unda damage, so improving a Mystic's Unda Affinity will be helpful for combat. Thanks to their recovery skills, Mystics are a very efficient solo Class.
Ranger - Eyes of the Mighty Hawk
Rangers are the protectors of nature. They have developed a distinctive ideal about the harmony of the land. Rangers will not hesitate to use their accurate arrows to bestow the justice of the land upon those who dare to violate the law of nature. Being reinforced by the land, the most skilled rangers master the power of the elements. They believe that their archery is blessed by Houyi, who killed the eight excessive suns with his bow and arrows, and pursue his ultimate shooting skill in their daily training. Rangers are also excellent pet tamers.

Origin: Land of the Shenzu

Guardian: Houyi

Worship: Heaven

Features: Rangers are not only accurate shooters, but also excellent pet tamers. Their ranged attack can be supplemented by mastery of Widu and Unda elements. A Ranger can develop in multiple ways, making it a highly customizable class.
Conjurer - the Emissary of Endless Elements
Conjurers are professional scholars of all phenomena in existence, which is nothing more than various manifestations of the two primal elements of Yin and Yang. Fire, Ice, and Lightning are all at their disposal. A Conjurer was once witnessed summoning a rain of flames on the battlefield. Talis Ganron was the first controller of elements, and is recognized as the guardian of all Conjurers. Ganron once helped Ori Hijnig during the Great Wars. Conjurers take the Way of the Hermit as their guiding doctrine. As followers of Yin-Yang, Conjurers gradually accepted Xux as the spiritual leader of their acts.

Origin: Hermitism

Guardian: Talis Ganron, Aware of Vacuity

Worship: Xux, The Ancient

Features: Conjurers are masters of elemental spells. The Unda and Pyra damage they deal is deadly. However, their weak Health and Defense limits their combat styles and shapes them into ranged attackers who are fragile against melee fighters. Conjurers tend to focus on improving offensive capabilities. Improving a Conjurer's Intellect, Pyra Affinity, and Unda Affinity would be a good choice.
Shaman - the Master of Ancient Mystery
Shamanism has a long history. Its principles are still being followed today. People believe that a Shaman's mysterious power comes from the untold bonds between the material world and the immaterial. Shamans generally accept Ba Oril as the founder of Shamanism. Ba Oril was the daughter of the ancient god Ori Hijnig. She developed a way of fighting by summoning blessings from the mysterious void, a power inherited by her successors. A Shaman can bless themselves or their partners. Healing is also covered in elementary Shaman training. Shamans are possibly the most welcomed class in all parties.

Origin: Mystery

Guardian: Ba Oril, Voidbreaker

Worship: Heaven

Features: Shamans offer help to their partners and protect themselves with strong defense, which makes them able to stand in the front lines on the battlefield. Widu Affinity may be the most important for improving the capabilities of a Shaman. Combined with various blessing skills, a Shaman could be developed into a high Health, high Defense, or high Elemental resistance character.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mod - Hoarfrost Castle

Fantasy game art from Hoarfrost Castle, a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Samantha Swift and The Fountains of Fate - Part 3 - Water of Immortality

Fantasy game art from Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate.

For the Water of Immortality, Samantha travels to mythical Shangri-La.

Guild Wars 2 - Official Wallpapers

Fantasy game art from Guild Wars 2.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mod - Dwemer Skyship

Fantasy game art from Dwemer Skyship, a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

In the video below, the character starts out very high above the ground, and because of the distance, the Oblivion game engine displays the landscape using the reduced detail "Distant LOD" version. As the character gets closer, this is replaced by the actual game model for land, trees, grass, and buildings. In some cases, the game engine is struggling to catch up with the transition, and trees and buildings will momentarily vanish while the Distant LOD versions are replaced.