Friday, July 17, 2015

Spellforce 2 - Faction - Pact - Shadows

Fantasy game art from Spellforce 2, including the Shadow Wars and Dragon Storm expansions.

The new allies of the Norcaine, the Shadows, are invisible in their normal form and only become visible when they want to or when they strike. It is known that they came to Eo from another world, but nobody really knows their plans or goals. The first appearance of the Shadows were featured in a sub-quest in Spellforce: The Order of Dawn, but was of no consequence in that storyline. Elements and events of that quest are mentioned in SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars once the protagonist reaches the Gate of Swords.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Spellforce 2 - Faction - Pact - Gargoyles

Fantasy game art from Spellforce 2, including the Shadow Wars and Dragon Storm expansions.

Gargoyles are bloodthirsty demons from the inner centre of the world that have been given a physical form through magic--Sorvina's knowledge as an alchemist of the Silver Hand enabled her to add these creatures to the army of the Pact. Grateful for their new bodies and happy to quench their bloodthirst at last, they throw themselves into battle for their masters. A bit more information on conjuring gargoyles and their elemental structure appears in the Crystal Wastes mission, when the hero and their party have the opportunity to seize the instructions for themselves and thereafter have gargoyles available to their Pact armies.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spellforce 2 - Faction - Pact - Norcaine (Dark Elves)

Fantasy game art from Spellforce 2, including the Shadow Wars and Dragon Storm expansions.

The heart of the Pact are the Dark Elves, the people of the night god Nor, calling themselves the Norcaine. The culture of the Norcaine has always been shaped by the fight between the two largest castes, the warriors of the Dracon and the sorcerers of the Archons. While the warriors strove for an honourable life in the fight against the Light, the Archons showed a ruthless greed for power. With the ambition of his mother Sorvina, Toth Lar was made High Archon and as such forged a bond with the Shadows. He gave a part of his people's power of life to the Shadows and in return got invisible assassins who killed his antagonists in the warrior caste in only a very short time. The honour of the Norcaine died along with these warriors. But the Dark Elves have been dragged out of their paralysis that was caused by this inner conflict and are now ready for new campaigns.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spellforce 2 - Faction - Clans - Buildings and Titan

Fantasy game art from Spellforce 2, including the Shadow Wars and Dragon Storm expansions.

After the Dark Ones were defeated in the War of the Six Nations, their armies scattered and the survivors founded enclaves all over Fiara. While the Dark Elves founded a new empire called Lar, and the Sharok orcs occupied the large glacier in the North, the orcs and trolls in the East and South of Fiara were less lucky. They had to eke out a meagre existence as small marauding gangs, always fleeing from the Armies of Light.
But then the Iron Lord appeared--The first Orc to unite the wild southern clans under his command. In a long march he led them along the Black Coast, through the grasslands of the Green Sea and up to the Gate of Swords. Among the ruins of former strongholds of the High Elves, he and his followers found shelter.
And there, the Iron Lord met other wanderers: Barbarian tribes that had to flee from their old homelands, the Middle Mountains. Now they wandered among the elf ruins, aimless and leaderless. The Iron Lord brought them the faith in Zarach the blood drinker, and brought them under his banner.
Thus the Iron Lord created a new empire for all the tribes descending from Zarach looking for new homelands. Some of the tribes kept their own names and their leaders, but from then on the banner of the Iron Storm, the largest clan of the South, was attached to their battle standards.